A downloadable game


  • 1:Download the file
  • 2:When you open it, there is going to be a button on the top left corner of the screen. It's a green play button. Click it and you'll be ready to play!


  • First of all: This game has a few bugs. I am most likely not going to fix them for a simple reason.
  • 1:This game was made for a simple programming school project.
  • Second of all: this is NOT a perfect remake. There are a few things missing, like a menu and a game over screen, or a "You win" screen. So don't expect that.
  • Third thing: I will NOT come back to update this game.
  • Last but not least: Yes, this is the final game. Enjoy.


SpaceInvadersTCC.project.gmx 1 kB

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